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Shear Precision
A veteran-owned company serving northern Alabama from Decatur. They offer shear, scissor, and blade sharpening service and clipper repair.



The Cutting Edge
Located in Fairbanks, they specialize in sharpening saw blades and cutting tools of high speed steel and carbide.



Accurate Sharpening and Cutlery Sales
Mail order sharpening from Tempe and a lot of cutlery for sale here including tons of Forschners.

Arizona Cutlery
A 4th generation family owned sharpening business in Phoenix. They can take care of just about anything you would find in a commercial kitchen including slicer blades and meat grinders.


Complete Clipper Service
Mountain Home service for repairs and sharpening of clipper blades and grooming shears. They also offer online shopping for several brands of blades and shears.



California Cutlery
Mobile service for the San Francisco Bay area. They offer sharpening for just about anything with an edge on it and 
provide mail order sharpening as well.


Dale's Clipper Service and Supply
Sacramento clipper sales and service. Same owner for 28 years.


Jivano's Cutlery Service
San Francisco sharpener for knives, scissors, garden tools, chisels, and more. He has a drop off location near Mission 


Ken's Sharpening Service
Ventura sharpening service specializing in clipper blades for pet groomers.


Manny's Sharpening
Los Angeles sharpening service for knives, scissors, shears, clipper blades, and garden tools. Manny has good prices 
and a wide variety of services.


Perfect Edge Cutlery
A full service sharpening and cutlery retail company with pick up and drop off locations all over northern California.


Ross Cutlery
Located in the heart of Los Angles, this is a sharpening service as well as a retail outlet for beauty products, knives, 
and more.


San Diego Cutlery
Mobile service for all of San Diego county. A retail section is also available for knives.


Sharpening Tech
Sacramento sharpening company with a lot going on. They sharpen it all and have videos to show you how they do it.


True Sharp
San Diego sharpeners that serve a large area with mobile service and sharpen a wide variety of tools including chain saws and drill bits. They also offer a knife exchange program for restaurants.



Randy's Sharpening Service
Located in Arvada, Randy's will sharpen anything from saw blades to axes to kitchen knives. Free delivery available in 
some areas.


Valient Sharpening
Mobile sharpener for south Denver, Castle Rock, and Colorado Springs. Knife and scissor sharpening with discounts for larger orders.



Ambrosi Cutlery
Located in New York, but they serve Fairfield county in Connecticut. They specialize in kitchen cutlery and food cutting 


Scissors Express
Scissor sharpening, sales, and repairs serving northern Connecticut. They offer mobile service as well as mail-in.



First State Knife Sharpening
Wilmington sharpening service providing mail order service as well as local drop off service. They specialize in kitchen cutlery.


J & A Grinding Inc
A complete service grinding and sharpening company located in Newark, DE. This is one of the rare sharpening companies that is equipped to take on just about anything.



Bowen's Sales and Sharpening
Orlando company specializing in sales, sharpening, and repair of saw blades, router bits, planer knives, and much 
more. Just visit the site for a full list.


Frank's Industrial Sharpening
This is a family-owned business located in Jacksonville. Frank's specializes in saw blades, paper knives, router bits, 
and auger bits.


Salon de Cordova
A salon located in Lutz (north of Tampa) that also offers a mobile shear sharpening service.

Southeast Sharpening Service and Supply
Located in central Gainesville, they sharpen saw blades, lawn and garden hand tools, mower blades, chain saws, and much more. A pick-up and delivery service is available for Gainesville and surrounding areas.


Top Chef Tools
Serving West Central Florida, this is a unique company. They have a mobile showroom of kitchen gear and gadgets as well as a sharpening service. They normally service restaurants but will do residential "sharpening parties" for entire neighborhoods.



Jones Sharpening
Mobile service serving Marietta, Kennesaw, Atlanta, Acworth, Sandy Springs, Vinings, and 
surrounding areas. Mobile sharpening specializing in kitchen knives, scissors, garden tools, and beauty shears.


The Sharpening Shop
Christopher Maholick is one of the top sharpeners in Atlanta. He is known for sharpening beauty shears, but also sharpens knives and other types of scissors as well. He provides mobile service in the Atlanta area for commercial and residential customers.


Complete Sharpening Service
They are in Cartersville and sharpen just about everything including chainsaws, drill bits, and carbon tip saw blades.


Golden Touch Sharpening
Located in Dalton, they offer sharpening services for the beauty, barber, and grooming markets.


Fred's Sharp Shop
Albany, GA sharpening shop offering services for mower blades, saws, hedge trimmers, drill bits, and much more.



National Mobile Sharpening
Mobile service for many areas. They sharpen kitchen knives as well as kitchen equipment, scissors, and beauty 



KC Power Shop
A Garden City power tool shop that sharpens mower blades and chain saws.


Precision Sharpening Inc.
Craig Cazier is a master sharpener and runs a mobile service for scissors, shears, and clipper blades. He services the Idaho Falls, Blackfoot, and Pocatello areas.



Bull Sharp
Mail order and pick-up/drop off sharpening for router blades, saws, and more. They are located in Oak Park.


Dekalb Saw
Industrial sharpening business serving northern Illinois for carbide saws and bits.

Grindstone Sharpening
Located in Naperville, Grindstone offers mail order sharpening for knives, scissors, and clipper blades.


Sharp Edges Hamaguri U.S.A.
Three generations of sharpeners with a Grand Master and a Master Shear sharpener. They 
also make and sell sharpening equipment and supplies. World Headquarters in Decatur IL.



Accurate Cutting Technologies
Indianapolis service for sharpening chisels, drill bits, chain saws, and most industrial knives.


Horseshoe Hill Leather
Located in Claypool, they sharpen all types of grooming and beauty shears as well as clipper blades.


T Sharp
South Bend company specializing in medical and dental sharpening equipment.



Scissor Edge Sharpening Services
Sharpening service for beauty shears in Cedar Rapids. Great prices for sales and service.



Cutting Tool Solutions
Wichita company sharpening carbide blades, drill bits, planer blades, and almost any other industrial cutting tool.


Rental Ranch
Sharpening services for chainsaws and lawnmower blades. Located in Wichita.


The Warrior's Edge
Mobile sharpening service for the Topeka and Lawrence areas. They can sharpen just about anything, and all of their 
prices are listed on the site.


Wichita Ice Center
Professional sharpening for your ice skate blades.



Heimerdinger Cutlery
Since 1861, they have been providing the Louisville area with sharpening services and supplies for kitchen enthusiasts as well as barbers and stylists.



Daddy Ray's
Daddy Ray offers sales, service, and repair for clipper blades of all types. Mail order sharpening is available as well.


Northern Tails Sharpening
A service for pet groomers and veterinarians in both New Orleans and Mobile, Alabama. They offer on-site sharpening, mail-in service, and more. Great website with instructional videos as well.


A Lake Charles mobile sharpener who can sharpen beauty shears, knives, chain saws, and more.



Alpha Carbide
Located in Saco, they offer industrial sharpening and metal working plus sales and service for air compressors, nail 
guns, generators, and more.


Freeport Knife Co.
Freeport store with a huge selection of knives and a sharpening service is available.

New England Tool
Industrial sharpening for cutting tools such as reamers, taps, and trepans. You can find them in Cornish.



Grinding Company of America
Baltimore shop that will sharpen "everything but your wits".


Sheepman Supply Co.
Clipper blade sharpening and repair service from Frederick. There are also a lot of supplies available for anyone raising sheep.


Skater's Paradise
They offer sharpening and sales of ice skates in the Waldorf area.



Market Grinding Inc.
A professional knife sharpening service for Boston and eastern Massachusetts. They offer a knife exchange program with a free trial period.


National Sharpening Co.
A shear and clipper blade service located in North Andover. They offer sharpening for several types of clipper blades 
and shears and have great prices.


Knife, Scissor, Tool, and Ice Skate Sharpening Service
They have a shop in Westwood and offer sharpening while you wait or you can drop it off and pick it up later.


Scissor Express
A mobile beauty shear service for central and western Massachusetts. They also offer mail-in service.


Village Sharpener
Marlborough shop that offers sales and sharpening for all types of knives and shears.



Al & Bob's Sports
Hunting and Fishing store in Grand Rapids that offers sharpening for knives and auger blades. They also offer gun smithing, hunting and gun safety classes, and much more.


Fred's Skate Sharpening
Detroit shop that has sharpened for many Olympic ice skaters. Appointments and walk-in service available.

Michigan Sharpening Service Inc
Knife exchange service that also offers sharpening of food processing equipment.


Steve's Shears of Michigan
Steve is in Flushing and offers sales of high end shears as well as a sharpening service for stylists.


Whitman Sharpening
They are in Coleman and offer sales and service for all types of knives, clipper blades, and grooming shears.



Minneapolis store offering a wide variety of knives and scissors for hunters, chefs, and collectors. Sharpening service is available while you wait.


Exact Edge
Sales, sharpening, repair, and mail-in service for beauty shears and clipper blades. They are in Breezy Point.


Service Grinding Inc.
Industrial sharpeners in Blain specializing in straight, circular, and specialty knife sharpening.


Sharpening Center
Located in Hopkins, they offer sales and service for shears, clipper blades, knives, and more. They have a very extensive service list with customized sharpening available.



Love's Sharpening
Tim Love has been sharpening for a long time and can be found in Edwards. He offers sharpening for knives, scissors, garden tools, and a lot more. He has good prices and stands behind his work,


Sharp Saw Inc.
Sales and service for clipper blades, scissors, and grooming supplies. They are located in Corinth.



Blade Patrol - Sharpening by Taylor
Robert Taylor custom sharpens skate blades all over Kansas and Missouri. His schedule is posted on the site or you can set up an appointment.


Blade Runner Sharpening
Columbia service specializing in culinary sharpening and offering sharpening for knives, slicer, shears, and more. They are mobile and cover most of central Missouri.


Be Sharp
Dental and orthodontic sharpening service in St. Louis. They offer mail-in service with free return shipping and insurance.


Go Figure Skates
Located in Webster Groves, they offer sharpening service for skates. They also have an online store providing all things skate-related.


Kitchen Conservatory
St Louis store that sells all things kitchen related. Sharpening service is available to drop off kitchen knives and pick them up the next day.


Red Rock Sharpening
Located in Mercer and offers sharpening for knives, woodworking tools, saw blades, and much more. The site includes pricing, tools that can be sharpened, and mailing info.


Rolling Stone Kansas City
Mobile service for Kansas City offering sharpening and sales for knives and other kitchen essentials.



Custom Sharpening by Hand
Scott Roskam's service is located in Bigfork and specializes in beauty shears. Mail-in service is available for shears or clipper blades and free mailers with postage paid are available.


True Cut Tool and Machine
They offer sharpening of saw blades, router bits, and many types of woodworking tools. They can be found in Lolo.



Bill's Skate Sharpening
Sharpening, blade straightening, waterproofing, and many more services offered at this Omaha shop.


Nebraska Blades
They are the authority on clipper blade sharpening and are known and respected 
around the world. They offer training and certification to professional sharpeners as 
well as sharpening services for knives, scissors, and clipper blades.



Apex Saw Works
Reno company providing cost effective services in cutting, sharpening, and tool reconditioning.


Jay's Sharpening Service
Since 1975, Jay's has been providing service for Las Vegas restaurants and hotels. They offer restaurant supplies, mobile service, knife exchange, and a walk-in service.

New Hampshire


Crescendo Acres
Located in Surry, they sharpen clipper blades, knives, scissors, and garden tools. They offer mail order as well as 
drop off points in several locations.


MQ Sharp
They're located in Belmont and sharpen industrial blades as well as tools for the homeowner like knives, scissors, and 
garden tools.


New England Sharpening Company INC
Nashua company that sharpens pretty much everything. Prices are listed on site.


Rene P's Sharpening Service
This service can be found in Nashua and sharpens a wide variety of tools from kitchen cutlery to planer blades. They offer free pick-up and delivery for orders of $25 and up.

New Jersey


Cutlery Mania
Belleville company offering commercial knife rental services as well as a meat grinder exchange, slicer blade service, 
and more.


Just Knives 101
Retail outlet located in Williamstown offering a wide variety of cutlery as well as professional sharpening for knives and 


Master Grinding
Located in Rockaway, they sharpen kitchen knives, lawnmower blades, scissors, paper cutters, and much more. They 
also offer kitchen supplies and slicing machines.

New York


Ambrosi Cutlery
Serving commercial and residential customers from Mahopac, they sharpen and service all varieties of kitchen equipment and cutlery.


Dynamic Saw
Buffalo sharpeners who will sharpen your saws, planer blades, bits, and more.


Samurai Sharpening Service
Manhatten knife and scissor sharpening service available every Saturday and Wednesday at the Chelsea Market.


Shear Integrity
Located on 181st street in the city, they offer sharpening services for scissors, knives, nippers, medical instruments, 
and more.


VRI Sharpening Services
Cheektowaga company sharpening just about anything from drill bits to kitchen knives to garden tools.


Westside Skate and Stick
Sharpening, sales, and repairs for anyone who skates in New York. They have 2 locations in Long Island and Manhatten.

North Carolina


Asheville's Sharpest Edge
A huge variety of tools can be professionally sharpened at this Asheville shop.


Cooking Uptown
A store for chefs and cooks located in the historic Elizabeth neighborhood of Charlotte. They offer pick-up and 
drop-off service for knife sharpening.


I Sharpen It
Raleigh sharpener offering service for knives, scissors, clipper blades, and medical instruments.


Jeff's Sharpening Stone and Repair
Located in Archdale, they offer mobile service to sharpen all varieties of shears, scissors, and clipper blades in the Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem areas. Helpful website too with maintenance tips for your clippers and 


L & L Sharpening Service
Serving Easter North Carolina with sharpening and repair of clippers and shears. They will also begin offering services for carpentry equipment soon.


Sharper Than Sharp
They are located in Mooresville and serve the Charlotte area with residential and commercial knife sharpening. They offer great service packages and also sharpen scissors and garden tools.


The Skater's Edge
Greensboro skate sharpening and repairs for figure skaters, hockey players, and anyone else who is out on the ice.

North Dakota


Twin City Sharpening Inc.
They have a shop in Fargo that provides sharpening for industrial, woodworking, sporting, and household tools. If it can be sharpened, they can probably sharpen it.



Cammel Saw
Located in Canton, they provide industrial sharpening and sales for all types of saw blades, router bits, planer blades, 
and much more.


Clipper Shacks Sharpening Company
Service is available to sharpen clipper, nippers, and shears. They are located in 
Jacobsburg an hour and 20 from Pittsburgh PA airport and just 15 miles from Wheeling WV.


River's Edge Cutlery
A retail store as well as a full service sharpening service in Hilliard (just outside Columbus). They have a huge variety 
of products for sale and will sharpen knives, shears, chainsaw blades, and much more.


Sharpening Made Easy
Cleveland area sharpener for knives, scissors, and garden tools. He is available at several farmer's markets in the area as well as by appointment. He trains sharpeners all over the country and is well known for his book Sharpening Made Easy.


The Knife Guy
Mail-in knife and scissor sharpening service located in Galena. He sells small and large boxes that can be filled with knives and mailed to him.



Flanders Creek Goats
Clipper blade sharpening service offered from Chelsea. They are set up for mail-in service as well.

Oklahoma Professional Pet Supply
Sharpening service for grooming shears located in Moore. The also repair clipper blades.



Bladesharpener USA
National mail-in sharpening service with a shop in Dundee. Services include mobile sharpening and mail-in for knives, shears, and clipper blades. The website includes a video to demonstrate clipper blade sharpening.


Hawthorne Cutlery
Portland store with a huge variety of knives and swords for sale. Knife sharpening service is available for all types of knives.


Nose to the Grindstone
Shear sales and sharpening available from Debra Finck, a master sharpener. Mail-in service is available for shears and clipper blades. They're located in Portland.


Zen Blades
Mobile knife sharpening business serving the Portland area. Woody Balley specializes in culinary knives and can even sharpen while you eat lunch at the Oregon Culinary Institute.



Della Pollas Supreme Edge Company
Serving customers with both sharpening and locksmithing services from Havertown. They are mobile and sharpen everything from kitchen knives to saw blades.


D&R Sharpening
A mail-in sharpening service for any type of shear or scissor as well as knives. They're located in Fleetwood.


Grand Saw and Machine
Saw blade sharpening, grinding, and repair services in Pittsburgh. They also sharpen planer blades, drill bits, and router bits.


Knife Works LLC
Oley sharpening service that will come to your front door. They sharpen knives, scissors, lawnmower blades, and more. They have great prices too.

Rhode Island


JD Lacourse and Son
Industrial sharpening service located in Pawtucket. Sales and sharpening are available for router bits, carbide saws, machine knives, and more.

South Carolina


Port City Saw & Tool Service
Charleston sharpeners who specialize in carbide tipped and high speed steel saw blades. They also offer cutlery service for restaurants and meat cutting businesses.


Sharper Edge
National mail-in service from Surfside Beach. They send you a box, and you send them your knives.


Southern Sharpening
Sharpening service from Aiken that is serving a huge area including Charleston, Columbia, Charlotte, and Augusta, GA. They sharpen clipper blades, all varieties of shears and scissors, and knives.


Superior Sharpening Service
Located in Okatie, they offer sharpening for shears, knives, and clipper blades. They also do repairs and offer custom knives available for sale.

South Dakota


Kirk's Sharpening and Repair Service
Rapid City sharpening for knives, scissors, clipper blades, and more. Kirk also offers a mail-in service.


Located in Ft. Pierre, they specialize in beauty shears. Mail-in service is available as well as in-salon service to South Dakota salons.


Warren's Sharpening Service
Specializing in sharpening and regrinding of woodworking tools and carbide blades. They can be found in Sioux Falls.



One Sharp Dude
Mobile service for the Memphis area. Steve Collins sharpens beauty shears, knives, garden tools, clippers, and more. He also does it in a really cool old ambulance.


Tennessee Saw & Knife
Memphis sharpening company specializing in industrial saw and knife blades.


Vanwalker Farms 

Camden service with a drop-off location at Benton Farmers Co-op in western Tennessee. They can sharpen your salon shears, clipper blades, and industrial tools.



Anco Sharpening Service
Anco has been providing Houston area salons with sales and service for over 25 years. They have great prices and also offer mail-in service for shears.


Circle Saw Builders Supply
Houston company with sharpening services for saw blades, chainsaws, router bits, lawnmower blades, and knives. They also offer tool repair and equipment leasing.


Knife Sharpest
They sharpen a huge variety of tools including beauty shears, knives, saw blade, drill bits, and more. They have a store front in Austin and offer knife and tomahawk throwing classes.


Mobile Sharpening for You

Mobile knife sharpening with drop-off points available in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Mansfield, and Granbury. They offer blade restoration, commercial and retail service, and on-site sharpening at local farmers' markets.


North Texas Sharpening Service
Mail-in service in Decatur for clipper blades and scissors. They offer free return shipping on orders over $30.


Shear Emergency
Mobile sharpening and sales of beauty shears for the San Antonio area.


Shear Excellence
Located in New Braunfels (right between Austin and San Antonio), they serve the central Texas area and specialize in sharpening for stylists, barbers, and groomers. They also offer training for anyone interested in becoming sharpener.


2 Dull for You
They are serving Houston and southeast Texas with mobile knife sharpening and cutlery sales. Site includes retail brands, services, and business opportunities.



L Lorenz
Cutlery sales and sharpening service in Salt Lake City. The website shows off some great custom knives, gives info about their sharpening service, and provides a bit of history about the company.


Superior Grinding & Sales
Salt Lake City company focusing on industrial grinding and sharpening of drill bits, shear blades, granulator knives, and more.



Kiss the Cook
Located in downtown Burlington, they offer professional knife sharpening as well as cutlery, cookware, and much more.



Mr. Leonard's
Knife and scissor sharpening available for home chefs, stylists, groomers, and just about anyone else that needs something sharpened. Mobile service is available for Richmond, Williamsburg, and Tidewater.


Precision Knife Sharpening
Located in Alexandria, this is primarily a mail-in knife sharpening service, but Washington DC residents may drop off 
their knives as well.


Pro Sharp LLC
Mobile/on-site shear sharpening for the beauty and grooming industries. They can be found in Penn Laird and also offer shear sales for Bonika, Joewell, Kenchii, and more.



Cutlery on Wheels
A mobile showroom for kitchen cutlery and a knife and scissor sharpening service for the Seattle area.


Nella Cutlery and Food Equipment
Cutlery and food equipment company with a location in Seattle (and a few other places). They offer a cutlery exchange program as well as service for other equipment like meat grinders and slicers. They also have vacuum 
packaging, pasta machines, and much more available.


Seattle Knife Sharpening Service
Knife sharpening available for residential and commercial customers in the Seattle area. There are drop-off points 
available as well as mail-in service.


Sharp Shears by Carl
Mobile sharpeners located in Burlington WA and providing service for all types of scissors and shears as well as 
clipper blades.

West Virginia


There are currently no listings available for West Virginia. 



Bob's Mobile Sharpening Service

Green Bay mobile service for sharpening grooming shears and clipper blades. Bob has a huge trailer with a massive selection of grooming supplies for sale as well.


Carisolo Inc.
Cutlery exchange, equipment sharpening, in-shop service and mail order sharpening are available. They are located in Spring Green and also offer a full line of kitchen and butcher items for sale.


Greenhead Sharpening
Northern Wisconsin sharpeners providing service for a huge array of tools including planer knives, meat grinder, knives, scissors, and many more. They have several drop-off points available in Rhinelander, Eagle River, Three Lakes, and Lake Tomahawh.


Lau's Shear Sharpening
Bonika certified Milwaukee sharpener specializing in Japanese salon shears. 


The Sharp Brothers
Milwaukee area mobile sharpeners located in Whitefishbay. They sharpen knives, beauty shears, scissors, and garden tools. They offer several options for you to get sharp including drop-off/pick-up, farmers' markets, and mobile 


There are currently no listings available for West Virginia.