IF YOU DO NOT SEE A CALENDAR on the Find Me page,



If that doesn't work you will have to text me or check my calendar on a device that supports JAVA.






If you get a text or Facebook message from me, please make an appointment so I spend the least time possible in and out of shops.

Per the CDC guidelines, I plan to keep wearing a mask when I am indoors with people whose Vacination Status is unknown or with people who might have underlying conditions.


I am truly sorry for any destress this may cause but I am 70 years old & have 3 underlying health conditions.

We know vacinated people can still get and transmitte the virus. Eight FULLY VACINATED New York Yankees did it. I simply don't want to meet or be Thyphoid Mary.


6/12/21 UPDATE -- I have recieved the Pfizer shots which are pretty efective at preventing symptomatic infection.

I have also in the past been given a vaccine called BCG used for Tuberculous that also seems to prevent symptomatic infection. 

I am also Type O blood which also seems to prevent symptomatic infection.

So, me not entering your shop unless you know I am coming and wearing a mask if I do, could protct YOU more than it protects ME. 


For service by mail see SERVICES

Cut Right Sharpening

Beauty, Barber, Grooming, Veterinary

Upholstery, Sewing, Knives

Lawn & Garden 








I charge $1.00/mile minimum for unscheduled service beyond 20 miles from Sinton TX.


** I offer 5% discount for service scheduled more than 7 days in advance and/or 10% for more than $150.00 at the same location. PARTS EXCLUDED


Payment methods in order of preference:


1. FaceBook PAY (NO FEE electronic payment)

2. Cash APP **

3. Square Pay for All credit cards ** 

(** Discounts reduced 3%)


To see when I will next be in your area, check my CALENDAR 

and look at the MAP.


If you are in a town that I can drive through on the way to Corpus Christi, email or text me and I will get you Tuesday morning or afternoon or Friday mornings.



Thursday's I try to to be available every 4-8 weeks as indicated below.


NORTHEAST & EAST from Sinton – Goliad, Dewitt, Victoria, Calhoun, Refugio, or Aransas Counties

NORTH & NORTHWEST from Sinton -- Bee, Karnes, Goliad, or Live Oak Counties.

WEST from Sinton -- San Patricio (north part), Live Oak, Jim Wells, Duval (San Diego area)

Duval (Freer) or McMullen Counties by REQUEST.

SOUTHWEST from Sinton -- Jim Wells, Duval, and the part of Kleberg County I might pass through.

Jim Hogg or Brooks (Southern area) by REQUEST

SOUTH from Sinton -- Kleberg, Kenedy, Jim Wells Counties

Brooks County by REQUEST

SOUTHEAST from Sinton -- San Patricio, Aransas and Nueces (east) Counties.